Hi, I'm Sarah,

I was born in France and moved to Israel at the age of 7. After the Army service, I moved with my family to Nice in France for one year and learned fashion design in Esmod School.

After the amazing year in France, I came back to Tel Aviv, Israel and started studying fashion design in Ascola School. During School, I worked for one year in Niba. When I graduated Ascola, I worked for two years in Oshida and three years in Come il Faut.

Then I finally decided to do it myself – I designed one dress and sold it in two fashion stores (Catomenta and Shine). In 2000 my dream came true and I opened my own store in Tel Aviv – the Sarah Braun brand was born!

My designs suites an urban lifestyle. My designs are inspired from my life in France in childhood and from my life as an adult woman. My collection is made in small quantities which allows a detailed production process and using fine quality of fabrics. The colors scale varies Grey, White, Cream, Blue Navy, Black and of course Stripes.

I love my customers and I'm always happy to meet the woman that wears Sarah Braun.

See you in the store,